About Us

What is architecture if not for the constraints and potentials of its surroundings? There’s an innate capability in an architect to design in a flow, overcoming challenges and using the strengths. To design in a vast empty land confined to the horizon on all edges wouldn’t be as engaging as when there are several parameters to give attention to. Kerala for us is the sadhya to all our architectural cravings. It’s so satisfying to scribble through the contours or around the ponds and to simply go to a site and sit down under the shade of a tree only to scribble again as intuitions move the pencil to meaningful details. The boon of a climate that’s not harsh and the plethora of ecological wealth in our native land is the ink to our architectural drawings. Bearing a handful of love for our soil and a conscience to not be a weapon in the lap of mother earth, we began our journey in 2019 in a small town called Chemperi in Kannur district, Kerala.

We are Akhil and Albin, architecture graduates from Calicut University, friends by our shared interests in art, movies, travel and what not? Hailing from a place where people are unaware about the importance of an architect and most importantly designed spaces, we come into the picture, telling them they need not break down that ancestral house nor sell off ornaments for glossy modern houses. What we do is understand their aspirations, educate them on what is unnecessary and insist on preserving the natural resources. The mountainous topography of our region is a canvas we enjoy working on. From low-cost architecture to luxurious, we make it a point to not compromise on our values, listen to the clients and build in a way that there’s minimum harm to the site. Working in the tropics enables us to keenly observe the temperaments of the climate, play with it, tackle it and sometimes surrender to it. In our architecture, one will find a romantic notion of nature. One should not feel left out from the celebrations of the earth. We aspire for our clients to find joy in the nooks and corners of our architecture, just as much as we relish making places for them.